What to Expect

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What to expect during your family photography session:

It’s best for everyone to come rested and well fed.  It’s good to bring snacks to the shoot for your kids and we will stop for a break if we need to.   This way your family can relax and have some fun during our shoot.  I try to capture family connections and want everyone to act naturally.

It is encouraged to laugh, twirl, jump and maybe even run during picture time.  We may tell secrets or play games.  I want to capture natural smiles of your kids so parents don’t encourage your kids to say “cheese.”    I will encourage your family to interact together and it’s ok that not everyone is looking at the camera in every photo.  These candid and engaged family moments produce the most cherished photos.

If there is a favorite family activity that you enjoy that may be great to add to the photo session please let me know.  It may be playing a card game, tossing a football around, reading books or blowing bubbles.  We can use part of the photography session to include this activity.

Locations:  I shoot on location and there are so many options.  We can use your home, yard, your favorite local park, or downtown.  Think about what type of background you want for your pictures and if there is a meaningful location you want to include.  I would love to hear your suggestions and can also provide location ideas too.

Clothes:  I think it’s best to feel comfortable in what you wear  I suggest you coordinate your family look.  I usually recommend picking 2-4 colors and try to work them throughout everyone’s outfits.  Layers and accessories are great to add more texture and fun to the shoot.



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What to expect during a senior session:

I want this session to be all about you and showcase your personality and interest.  I want this shoot to be relaxed and fun for you.  Make sure you look your best for the shoot by being prepared.  Be rested, fed, and well hydrated.  Bring along a brush/comb and touch up make-up.

Locations:  I shoot on location and we can use up to two spots.  We can discuss your vision for your photos and select the best backdrops for your session.  I would love to hear your ideas.

Clothes: I suggest picking out 2-4 outfits for your senior session.  Make sure to try on all your clothing before your shoot to make sure you are happy with how it looks.